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Rashmi Paliwal & C N. Subramaniam

Vimala Ramachandran

 Indu Prasad

The social sciences are fields of academic scholarship which explore aspects of human society and complex human relationships. Social science perspectives and knowledge are indispensable to building the knowledge base for a just and peaceful society. The social sciences encompass diverse concerns of society, and include a wide range of content drawn from the disciplines of history, geography, political science, economics, sociology and anthropology.

Hriday Kant Dewan


Social studies relates to our lives and our beings in an intense manner. It is expected to affect our behavior and shape our world view. It expects the learner to integrate in society even while influencing it.

Anjali Noronha

 Rishikesh B S

Poonam Batra

Social Sciences or Social Studies?

André Béteille

The social sciences are now taught, in one form or another, in schools throughout the country. This was not generally the case in the past. Before independence, the teaching of subjects such as sociology, political science and even economics was confined mainly to the universities and colleges. After independence there was a steady expansion in the teaching of the social sciences in universities and colleges, and the demand soon grew for their introduction in schools.

One must tune into what one’s natural inclinations and talents may be, and once aware, nurture them.
“It is not bad to go wrong”, the eight year old said to me. I thought to myself - she is right. I need to find a way for her to get beyond the mistake! We then got into the reason that may have caused all the repeated problems in dancing the particular adavu. “Is it just that you are unable to understand it or is it that you haven’t tried it enough times?” I asked. The body has to learn to adapt to the demands of each movement. In the subsequent conversation the little girl and I agreed that it was a bit of both.


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