Class 9-10

Ranjani Raghavan

I am a Tamilian brought up in Mumbai. I could speak Hindi, English and Tamil by the age of three. I also started speaking Gujarati because I had Gujarati friends and I learnt a completely new language in the most natural way! But I still can't hold a conversation for more than five minutes in Marathi- a language I learnt for six years at school.

Ashvin Srivatsa

Usha Mukunda

Prema Raghunath

Language is an entirely unique human activity that has no real comparison in any other species, though there is enough evidence to show that animals, both land and aquatic, birds and insects 'communicate' with each other and with the rest of their community to survive and procreate. Of course the 'finer' sentiments of love and loyalty are expressed by gaze and licking and so on.

Zakiya Kurrien

'How old are you? What is your father's name? When do you come to school? What did you do last Sunday?'

Sonali Nag

Here is a fun set of activities, survey, perspective and information on Sanitary waste designed using Nai Taleem pedagogy.

Bangalore based waste crusaders sat together to compile a set of themes that would encourage children to know, learn and act about the solid waste issues in and around their locality.

Kanchan Bannerjee

I would like to share my experience in developing Readers for Classes 1 and 2 in Kannada for Karnataka and a subsequent effort for Hindi Readers in Chhattisgarh. Both initiatives were on the platform jointly provided by UNICEF and the respective state education departments

Maxine Berntsen

When a child enters school at the age of five or six, she already has a basic grasp of her first language. She has a vocabulary of at least 4,000 words, and a mastery of basic grammar. This means she can interact with others and carry on a conversation. Moreover, she has in her head a model of the world that organizes and structures the life experience that she has had up to this point.


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