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Intelligence was a term usually used to describe individuals. Simply put, it stood for the ability of the individual to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. There are many ways to determine how intelligent a person is. But intellectual capacities of two or more individuals can work together or collaborate in order to produce, perhaps, more effective outcomes. One can term it as collective intelligence.

Dear Teacher,

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...I'm all of your fears and all of your stress,

I'm your fear of the spotlight and fear of success.

Fear of embarrassment and not enough training,

What a dangerous activity reading is, teaching is. All this plastering on of foreign stuff. Why plaster on at all when there’s so much inside already? So much locked in? If only I could get it out and use it as working material. And not draw it out either. If I had a light enough touch it will just come out under its own volcanic power.” Spinster (Sylvia Ashton Warner)

Do such numbers arise in the child’s experience of life? If not, how does the teacher help the child to mentally visualize such numbers? Large numbers are incomprehensible to students unless they are able to relate these

“Once upon a time there lived a king, he had a big palace with golden gates and silver chariots”. Long ago in a dark jungle lived a white elephant with the black fox and the blue bird and all together were partying etc. are the different toned stories that have been narrated to us by our grandparents and parents. Most of us have grown up with listening to stories of different types, which were an emotional connect for us to the outside world of imagination.

This Marathi short film with English subtitles holds the mirror one more time to the state of affairs in teaching landscape where the teacher, the chore of teaching and the taught are not in talking terms.

I have a terrible habit of not completing books that I begin reading. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari is one of them. I will finish it sometime, and when I do, I might be able to tell a better story. But for now, this is where the I am at.

Pratham's Storyweaver celebrates the birthday of Dhyanchand which falls on 29th of August which is National Sports of Day in India.


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