Webinar: Trials with Triangles - a discussion with Vinay Nair

The At Right Angles Team announces its third webinar: A conversation with Vinay Nair about and around his article "Trials with Triangles" (March 2020 issue). The article is at https://bit.ly/3beS345.

A trial can be an ordeal - it can also be a joyful experiment and we want to demonstrate how author Vinay Nair showed his students exactly how to do that. In this creative process, they learn about area, perimeter, quadrilaterals and so much more, just by tiling triangles. Can a mathematics course be transformed into an exciting voyage of discovery –login to hear Vinay’s thoughts on the same.

The discussion will be in English and Hindi.

Looking forward to ‘meeting’ you online on Wednesday!



The At Right Angles Team

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020 - 4:30pm
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