Small Science Book for Grade 3

Primary school students, particularly in rural areas, have rich, interactive experiences of the natural world. But lacking systematisation and clear expression, their observations and skills do not contribute to school learning. Urban students from literate homes, on the other hand, are often encouraged to ignore their natural surroundings, and to concentrate on meaningless bookish learning. As a result, most students miss out on the concrete experiences of systematic observation and self-expression, which are so vital to science learning through the rest of their lives.

The books for Class III have few facts to remember. Unit 2 is the only one where the informa- tion content is important. The other three Units aim simply to provide experiences. To use these books, students must get out of the mind-set of copying the correct answers from the blackboard or from other students. Small Science should not be just read, it should be done.

Thise series contain textbook, workbook as well as teacher's book. Please use all to get the maximum benefit.

Download Document: c3englishtextbook.pdf
Download Document: c3englishworkbook.pdf
Download Document: c3englishteachersbook.pdf
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