Pumps from the Dump

This book is full of DIY pumps you can make from trash or everyday materials...

Every little child does it
Making things from odds and bit
The whole world is a garbage pit
Collect some junk and make a kit.

You'll never be at a loss
Make do what you come across
Con - rod, piston, suction port
All these parts you don't import.

Little things all strewn around
A soda - cap lying on the ground
A hose, a spoke, a hollow stem
Lids and bottles all of them

Use these things to make a pump
A pump assembled from the dump
A pump to make the water pump
To quickly empty out the sump.

Making pumps will bring great joy
For each of them is a working toy
Play with them and get a feel
What's a valve and what's a seal.

It's best to try a theory out
Then you'll know it inside - out
Think, adapt and improvise
That's the rule of the wise.

Several pumps go up and down
While many pumps go round and round
Pumps are made of many parts
But the best pump is the heart.

Pumps bring water to the field
And thus better food crop yield
Pumps lift water from the well
Life without a pump is hell!

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