Our Experiments with Ragi

When we started talking about the idea of growing Ragi (Finger Millet, Nachani, Naagli, Mandua, Koda, Aariyam in various languages) at school, we also decided to introduce Ragi in our school diet. Though Ragi is a perfect health food -- rich in calcium, protein, and iron -- it was not the most favourite with children!

So what would it take for Ragi to be acceptable, appealing, appetising, and alluring to children? We had to dig into our old and new recipe books, ask around for guidance, revive family recipes, and even create new ones. Ragi thus became the main ingredient for several of our community kitchen cookouts. And we discovered through our experiments the versatility of this unsung hero, Ragi.

This cook book is dedicated to Ashwini, a teacher at Poorna, who through her hard work and energy has been the backbone of all our Ragi inspired cooking. To use this book is more than a compilation of recipes -- it celebrates the spirit of our working together and caring for each other.

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