Learning Curve - Issue XVIII - Arts in School Education

The latest issue of Learning Curve focuses on 'arts in school education'. The burthen of the collective message of this issue is: in the life of our children, Art is as essential as any other subject. Art sharpens perceptions of the world around us, it increases awareness and sensitivity. It also enhances human relationships as we discover the similarities of the artistic experience.There is a general recognition of the fact that the word 'art' encapsulates within itself a wealth of meaning, as witness phrases such as the art of writing, of communication, of social and political exchange.


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Development of the artistic skill is very essential for individual development of the learner. In early years also aesthetic skills were given due importance. Even now, there are many individuals who cannot express themselves among others because of many problems such as shamefulness, fear etc. These competency ,if developed properly, there would have many individuals with several artistic skills. This area should be given due recognition in the curriculum.

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Link to the e-book did not work.

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right click on the link and click "Save Link As". The ebook will get downloaded on your computer. 

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