Lazy Mama can take you on wild adventures without leaving his chair!

When lazy Raghu Mama claims he can go on wild adventures without leaving his chair, Amish and Soni are amazed. How does he do it? Can Amish and Soni go on these adventures too?

Explore and understand virtual reality in a fun way through this story of Lazy Mama. Whether you like it or not but there are lots of thing in education and learning which is possible through the application of Virtual Reality. And it is too simple to get or make a Virtual Reality headset too.

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Below are some links to make your own Virtual Reality Headset.

1. DIY You Virtual Reality Headset - Google Cardboard

2. DIY Google Cardboard (how to) 

3. How to make vr cardboard Easy | vr headset at home

4. How to Make a Smartphone VR using Plastic Bottle 

Yes it's that simple! Try one yourself

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