Eclipse (Grahana or Uparaaga ) - An Indian Perspective

Today 31st January, 2018 is again a day to view and observe the spectacular lunar eclipse. This booklet written by Dr. S. Balachandra Rao (Hon. Director , Bhavan’s Gandhi Centre of Science and Human Values) gives the Indian perspective of eclipses which makes it more interesting for our students and teacher to think deeply about these astronomical events and phenomenon.

Also visit the following websites to know and discuss more about today's lunar eclipse with your students:

1] A list of resources on Lunar Eclipse from Indian Institue of Astrophysics

2] Lunar Eclipse calculations, animations etc. for your location: Time and

3] What is a Lunar Eclipse? - Geography for Kids

4] A total lunar eclipse on the 31 January 2018: Watch the Copper Moon Rise!

5] Don’t miss the joy of a “Copper” Moon that will be visible throughout South Asia!

Download Document: balachandrarao_eclipse.pdf
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