Well Researched Study Material For CBSE Board Exam Class 10 & 12

By mohansingh | Mar 13, 2019

I have been working for 2-3 years in education. Digital era is shaping the education in its own way. There are lots of websites, online tutors, Video tutorial. The Internet is full of information. But there is secret behind it. During my research I studied many online educational sites and review their study materials. Many of those websites aka educational sites so called educational platforms, are just money oriented not business oriented.

When I Search for Important questions for cbse class 12, there is a website 4ono appears. And review those papers, questions. those sample papers and important questions are very well researched. But this site as not much presence in the Internet. Because the best workers hides behind the bar.

Students and Teacher can get well Researched study material for cbse board from 4ono: https://www.4ono.com

4ono works for various education boards such as cbse, icse, etc. and the content is quality but lacks in quantity. 4ono works for students. And that I found is much interesting and Pure Business.

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I think it is better to prepare questions of your own. Questions provided by websites generally fail to satisfy all levels of cognitive domain as well psychomotor domain.

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Here are effective study tips for class 10 board exam preparation by NTSE Guru experts to help you prepare better. So, join us in this ride of learning by www.ntseguru.in

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