Technology-The Competitive Edge for Education

By Santosh G | Jan 28, 2019

In today's digital world, technology has covered almost all walks of life. It is omnipresent. Hence, the teachers should understand its significance and start getting familiar with it. This is because the coming generations are so smart and techno-savvy than us. If we make an effective use of technology, we can convert the classrooms into better learning places avoiding boredom and simplify the content. It will also empower the teacher to explain the abstract ideas with better visualized manner. So let's gear up and make most out of it!!

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Agree . Technology has overcome education too carrying immense opportunities as well as power to destruct traditional but effective mode of education system. Teaching is not just a transfer of learning, disseminating knowledge and passing the information it is connect between teacher and students with emotional and social grounds. It means teaching it self provide spaces to technology for playing creative and lasting role to improve bond between teacher and students by making learning more real and easier but at the same time it limits the role technology and always put teacher at forefront. It does not allow technology to replace or demean the role of teacher. Here is the role of educators, educationists and technocrats come to analyse and visualise space and role of technology so that sanctity and importance of teacher remain intact as well as teaching-learning process becomes more soothing and experience oriented in all type of schools mainly digitally dark schools .

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