Teachers know what they are teaching for or not?

By parveenwrites | Jan 5, 2016

We see many of the fellow teachers have lost all interest in 'making a difference'. This is more because of their own mindset; rather than the system. Education was not meant to go as per the system, it was evolved to shape the system towards goodness. Do you think "Teacher are unaware of what their responsibility is?"

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yes to some extent ,,but most of the time i have seen teachers are driven by out forces and that is not appreciated.I still believe degrees dont make the teacher it depends on how much belongingness towards the work.To understand the education system is to devote towards your contribution for the students honestly,the day we understand this we are comfortable with the education system

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Hi Praveenji
you are right that the teacher are clearly Unaware of their duty as well as responsibilities. majority of teacher are involve in their own progress while making money by means of hook or cook ,in fact they are visibly involve in such a activities such as finance,business and many more in this way how can Nation purpose wil serve? it is highly impossible to improve with Double slandered manner unless it is control our system will definitely. ruin so it is the matter of Big Debate among the elite,s ,philosopher.educationist.administrator.and so on.,let us see what appears in future., because it is the collective responsibility ,every one should think and act accordingly.
thanking you pl.keep writing

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Teachers may not involve paying high attention towards teaching methods, materials and classroom management, assessment and testing too unless they take up this job out of passion. One may not motivated from an external body like management. Teaching starts within and that love to teach matters a lot. otherwise all mechanism framed at college or university just goes to wind! Let young teachers who take up jobs from IITs or NITs for a reason -- a prepaaratory to climb the career ladder, parent welfare or no booming!!!!

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