Spoken English Skills to the Students who are not exposed to Speaking Environment

By parveenwrites | May 18, 2017

English remains an obsession for the employers as well for the society. Parents still want engineers and doctors. Schools still believe they are doing the best to rhe children's lives.
BUT, there are billions who have not been able to speak up.for themselves and have not been able to cope with the English Elite Society in India.
How to Introduce English Language Skills to the children?
What methods one can adopt to bring the students on track to Speak English?.

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in our region reading cards are developed to remove this hesitation among teachers

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i am taking spoken English classes for working women and housewives in Bhilai under the umbrella of CSR-Bhilai at their Kaushal Vikas Kendras in Risali Bhilai. Already 3 batch have been completed and the participants has found the classes very useful. The medium of instruction for speaking English was adopted both audio and video. The total course content includes basic grammar ,accent, way of speaking,vocabulary development etc. I took this as a challenge to improve the way of speaking English of aspiring ladies of C.G., because I found lot of gap between actual knowledge and theoretical knowledge of participants. I am retired from SAIL+BSP-Bhilai and is doing this for the society.

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First of all, the fear of speaking English in public must be eradicated.
The strong social hatred for those who can't speak in English makes the situation worse. Students from rural background have to fight against odds of prejudice of being unable to speak in English.
Start with basics & lessons like adjectives, articles, food, commonly used words. Take it slow & then increase the difficulty level. I suggest BBC English for the online lessons - http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish/

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