By SSPATIL@59 | Nov 29, 2015

It is the time of REVIEW and RETROSPECT within the inner sense of teacher the they should aware about their duties & responsibility to control and transformation of society in to the Peace,Harmonious circumstances while giving moral ideas to the students so it is the Noble Duty of the teacher that they should teach the pupil to mold the Better character and create the Best citizen as best as possible.

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Teacher works with minds of children. they have greater responsibility to shape the child's knowledge and moral framework so that he/she can participate in societal practices. Teacher must provide a student knowledge in depth, make a child critically analyze the situations, inculcate morals, and make him critical thinker and rational citizen of nation state.

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Teachers are well known about their responsibilities. But what about the respect and security of the teachers? They have to take care of their kids, their families and even they have to take about their old age period. Will anybody or any of his/her student will look him/her after?
AS we like to develop our kids we must give due respect and security to the teachers.
These teachers are doing clerical work more than the teaching.
Always busy in data updation and repeorting.

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