Personalized and Project Based Learning Platform

By puneetjindal11 | Mar 3, 2017

Hello I am the founder of Leap Quants

As the future will belong to creators, innovators and leaders with strong problem solving, critical thinking, design thinking and technology skills.

To equip children with these crucial skills, we are building a platform for Personalized and Project based learning program.

Aim of the program is let the student discover the things in a research oriented, practical way.
Also the Artificial Intelligence based software would help to guide him in the right path.

To bring the benefits of this course to all students, we are calling with teachers from class 6-9 who believe in and understand the importance of :

1) Project Based Learning
2) Mentoring the students rather than just knowledge transfer, make them self learners

to be a part of this program and empower students to get access to this program.

Teachers who are interested in being a part of this initiative, please contact us at with your

1) Name
2) Contact number
3) School name
4) Location and

You can reach me on 7503014404.

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