The only solution is......

By ramanatha.sastry | Jul 6, 2013

Education system became so much ritualistic, those who are able to remember and reproduce are considers as a great knowledge holders.

Modernising the schools with present trend and method will not create new direction but a comfortable schooling.

The only solution is to educate the next generations with concepts with in-depth knowledge of natural principles, not the ritualistic repeaters or knowledge carriers, but knowledge creators and accelerators.

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How would the educators who havent experienced this sort of education be able to deliver it?

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You have put a great thought. Today students are become only the porters of information. Still our Education System is living in British Era.
When this Education System will change? What our bureaucrats, policy-makers are doing? These are some questions whose answers we may be never get.
Let's don't talk about others. As a teacher what we are doing in our schools? Do we use laptops, computers ? Flipped Classroom is a new concept. Is there broadband in each school? Are we using youtube videos for our students?
Many goverment and private school teachers even don't know about youtube..What is a tragedy?Foreign students are getting chance to learn from khanacademy . Are there projectors,smartboards in our schools? How many teachers make ppts on computers for their students?
When we want to create a knolwedge based society where are it's roots? There are many free video editing apps like windows live movie maker on net. They can be useful in translating youtube or other videos in your [students] mother tongue. But, how many teachers are using them?
When our future generations grow up what will you tell them ? Will you tell them that we were unable to make ppts because we hadn't sound knowledge of computers. We were not good in English.
Educational Technology is changing very rapidly. Where are our Indian Teachers? Are you still giving lectures to your students?
Todays educators should prepare them for future. If they won't then future generations will never pardon them.

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