Make peace. There is enough hatred in the world already.

By Neha Naik | Sep 18, 2017

With the recent incidents across Schools in India, I agree with each one of you who say that the School’s Management and Authorities are certainly at fault and they should undoubtedly be punished. But my point is the kind of aggression people are showing against a private institution, why not to show it against government authorities.
When a murder happens on a street then the T.I of the area and S.P of the city should be put behind bars and not only the murderers as it was the Police Officials to protect us. When somebody dies on the road due to an accident then the RTO and the Transport Minister should be put behind bars and not only the driver as it was the Transport department’s duty to maintain safety on roads. If a Revenue Clerk or Patwaari in SDM office or Nagar Nigam Office demands bribe then the Collector and Nagar Nigam commissioner should be put behind bars and not only the culprit as it was the duty of the Collector to make sure that public does not have to pay bribe to get official things done.
How many of us have stood against this? None… Because we know it is not logical, as a Collector, S.P, or a R.T.O IS NOT A Superman and cannot see everything himself. If one school is at fault how can we defame all private schools? How many of us stop sending our children to school after this episode? If all private schools shut down do the Government Schools which do not have even toilets forget about security cameras, will cater our needs? We all know the answer.

I have seen Media persons going to schools and talking to parents & children and asking illogical questions. Media reporters have not even spared the family of the deceased to increase their TRP’s, Can’t we see this? These are the same Media officials who beg at the doors of every damn big school for advertisements and a significant share of their advertising revenue comes from Private Schools.

Private School System is a backbone of India’s Development Path. Please do not let media create a feeling of hatred and distrust against Private Schools. We all know that in a pupil’s life no one and nothing can replace a School.
Have faith in the System. Have faith in the Schools.

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Rightly said Neha ji. Competition in Media is too high. Just for their selfish, they are creating. so much propaganda . "Have faith in the Schools".

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I am agree with your views. Recently a boy was killed private school hostel in bihar... the most of politicians star their politics on the issue.... It is shameful for our society...

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