How do Teachers perform Counselling

By Sasikiran | Jan 13, 2016

Teachers do counselling and attached with 12-25 students in every institution at present. Without having any exposure to psychological concepts and counselling methods and formats, could they do really any good and impact the counselees?

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Of course not. Being a subject teacher does not make anyone a counselor which is, in fact, a holistic domain to work. Special Understanding of the Mind of the Student is needed. School make market that they counsel students, but we are getting news of cases getting worse. Students need trained counselors or none.

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Counselling as part of a Teacher's Role has become very common these days not realizing the fact that it requires a specialized training to be able to see the counselee from a different perspective. Counselling is
completely scientific and not everyone's cup of tea be it a teacher or a parent. The day when a teacher becomes capable of being empathetic and have unconditional positive regard is when he/she should take up this responsibility. Otherwise in the name of counselling - a lot of damage can happen.

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As counselling fall on the heads of the untrained teachers with a book allocated to each student where the poor subject teacher has to record about the personality of the student and feedback on performance, what tips can be given to these laymen?

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