Hi people! Am Anamika, a newbie here

By tta2018 | Mar 23, 2018

Hi, I am Anamika Khanna, a blogger and instructional writer by profession, I had to curate content on related topics for education and learning and developing. Basically, as a part of my job I had been understanding the gaps, perspectives of adapting to the changing education pattern, particularly because too much is happening within the education sector, particularly because of a shift in doing the courses online! Accordingly, technological know-how has a great possibility to flourish, here I would like to know ideas of the same and share some interesting ideas if I can come up with. I believe this would likely to favour the different teacher training programs - like Montessori education, pre-primary teacher training, nursery training, special education, childcare etc that would aid a bigger picture of understanding the modern teaching methods within the diverse global settings.

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Thanks, Kamal for your warm greetings. What's going on? :)

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This is ramprabahar.
happy to see your post. kindly help me to go through teaching techniques and class room management for language teaching.

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Hi Ram, glad that you like this post. Let me have your brief intro to understand your requirement and accordingly I can help you through the techniques and methods for language learning.

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