English is difficult for bihar students...

By Kamalyadav | May 1, 2018

The most of the students are studying in hindi medium school . They usually use their mother tongue in their home. They study mathematics and science in hindi medium till class tenth but they have to study every subject in English medium in higher secondary. Therefore only few can continue their study in science streams . Mainly they faced language problems because their concepts in maths and science are good.

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Hi!! I am kamal

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The government schools of bihar have no qualified teachers. Teachers were appointed without any exams. They are working carelessly. They have no any intentions in working for welfare of students.

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Kamal Yadav Ji! Glad to see this discussion initiated.
I am currently teaching Communication Skills and English subject at TERii Kurukshetra where more than 300 Students are in B Tech and Polytechnic from Bihar region. True is the fact that MOST of them are largely weak in Engish Speaking because of the limited exposure as well as the least facility to Learn English amidst their mother tongue.
Regional Pulls are there in them though they have started writing fine in English. I am working on a remedy that rather than doing the effort of making them fluent, I am making them reasonable confident in Interacting in English. The reason for Bihar Students not speaking English is not that they have some serious backwardness. It is the lack of Engagement with them and the Confidence they need to have.
Hope we All TEACHERS of INDIA will be able to resolve this!

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