Empowering our teachers

By LivingTreeIndia | Jul 4, 2014

How many of us have given a thought that our future generation is moulded and guided by our teachers? The future generation is at their mercy. The saddest part is teaching is the most ignored and undervalued profession.How do we empower then? Make then proud of what they are doing?Please share your thought on this....

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Its very correct that teaching is not considered a respctful proefssion,its no more considered to be the meaningful service to the society either.Probably being a teacher one must take ethical oath to themselves as the doctors do.Before coming to this profession one must think hundered times whether he or she has the objective of giving back to the society at the same time have respectable earning, or just because one is not having corporate job thats why he/she is',engaged 'in this profession! I am afraid the second option is causing stigma to the teachers community. So feel proud to be a teacher respect the community upgrade ourselves ...success of the student is teacher's reward whether it is acknowledged or not thats immeterial. As long as teachers are honest with the aims in their lives self respct among the teachers community shall inculcate automatically.      

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This is a great post

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Good! I think all students take the benefits from teachers to get right principal. 

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