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By Neha5 | Feb 26, 2018

Hi All
I have recently joined this group. I am working with a Edtech company in UK name AURIS TECH LTD on producing voice recognition software for children in India in the interest of creating an app to help them learn to read. The project is a collaboration between the University of Edinburgh and Auris Tech Ltd and aims to encourage young children to read and improves their skills in this area through the use of voice recognition.

We did extensive data collection across UK and have created a world-class ASR engine specifically built to respond to children’s read speech. It is the only known model to exist, and does so with incredible 91.2% accuracy.
To progress the project in India we need to collect a wide array of voice recordings from across the country to ensure the effectiveness of the voice recognition element of the app. And so I am reaching out to you teachers. Are you a teacher in an english medium school and think your school could be interested in such a research and development project?
Our objective would be to come into the school for one or two days with several Macbooks to collect an array of voice recordings from children ranging between 5 and 9 years old to use in the database for the software. The smaller children would be looking at images on an iPad and saying what they see, e.g. Ant, Apple, Ball etc. Whilst the older ones will read from various Oxford reading tree books depending on the reader’s age and level. The Oxford reading tree is UK’s most successful reading scheme currently used in over 80% of primary schools in the UK.
The school and those participating will be credited in the research for the project, as well as in the App itself, and pupils will receive access to the app upon its creation.
We are really excited about the project and the potential impact it could have on voice recognition technology and would love for your school to be involved in such an opportunity.

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Hello, I want to know more about this project. Please do let me know on

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Can you share abt. the software little more ? u can email me on

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