By yadav.praval | Feb 9, 2018

Hi,It's great to be on this forum.I'm a special Educator working in govt.primary school of delhi.During last 10 years in the field of education ,I strongly believe that there is no child in this world who can not learn.we have to just reinforce their learning potentials and need to identify their learning style.children with special needs are integral part of our Education system.they can learn and contribute in society. lets share our valuable experiences!!!

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Hi, I like your ideas, what you did for children. Now I am a student of Nagpur engineering college and sometimes I remember my old school days.

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Hi, I strongly believe in the same as a content curator who has been working closely with the education sector. One thing I feel nowadays, we have got the smart learning mode, which just not mean devised based learning, but also use different interactive tools which makes every children learn quickly.

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Yes sir I am agree with your opinions

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Yes I agree sir. A teacher play crucial role in this regard. A teacher can make learning interesting and beautiful.

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