Easy methods for understanding of mathematics and Statistics

By Basavarajaiah | Jul 27, 2016

The answer to this question largely depends on kind of population .There are two kinds of population viz., analytical and non analytical.However,in case of analytical oriented population who loves the number , equations,graphs , algorithms and model etc.The following steps incalculable for better understanding of mathematics
1.To encourage the students for learning mathematics in better way
2.To implement Chalk dust events at all degree level programme, inclusion with Primary and secondary level
3.Outline the mathematics syllabus based on the practical utility.
4.Create the conducive environment for students in a class rooms eg . group discussion , focus group discussion on subject matter and also solving of equations triggered by real life data sets
5.Mathematics classes should be encourage to conduct at morning hours
6.Motivate the non analytical population for learning mathematics by using small illustrations and examples.
7.The teacher should planning to conduct a research study to support the A-level mathematics

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