Calling all Computer Science Teachers

By smita.singh77 | Jan 17, 2017

The future will belong to creators, innovators and leaders with strong problem solving, critical thinking, design thinking and technology skills.

To equip children with these crucial skills, we are bringing an award winning global tech program for kids aged 8-16 years, that empowers children to be creators. It is a fun-filled online learning program through which kids learn coding, design & animation.

To bring the benefits of this course to all students, we are calling with Computer Science teachers who believe in and understand the importance of :
1) instilling technology skills in children at an early age,
2) inspiring them to discover the power of creating with technology through fun & interesting courses

to be a part of this program and empower students to get access to this program.

Teachers who are interested in being a part of this initiative, please contact us at with your

1) Name
2) Contact number
3) School name
4) Location and
5) Availability for a call any day between 17 - 26 Jan 2017.

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