Adolescence Education Program

By ravisingh4ever | Sep 30, 2018

Since last two years I am working in the area of adolescence education program and i found it very useful in my school. It empowers me to help my students when they struggle and they don't have any support system. However i could not understand that, there are so many people who raise question on it. What are your opinions?

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Hi Ravi! Kudos for working on the adolescence education. We as a teacher have the responsibility to be with a student in thick and thin. People and also our fellow teacher soeties ddid not see the importance of it that is why they raise a question on it . It's their perspective and let them do how they do it. we as a human have tendency to do the thing which we think is important for us . You felt it you're working it for that cause . These kind of program are should be given more emphasis in the curriculum because students are really confused in the adolescence age and dont know how to react to all the changes that are going at a pace they dint even understand. Keep Up the good work and I Know your students will always be grateful to you.

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Hello Akansha
Thanks for acknowledging the importance of this program. I realise that this should be incorporated as compulsory part of school education.

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Adolescence stage is stage of tension n stress. All types of changes take place in this stage. So teachers and parents should take care of them with love.

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Hello Dr. Anju Gupta,
Thanks for the insightful opinion. However there is a drastic need of campaign to work in this area. Still most of the parents in rural areas don't bother for this and teachers don't care for this.

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