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By SSPATIL@59 | Nov 4, 2015

Respected sir
It has been widely accepted that Teacher can only the imaginary Hero's of the students ,under his Incredible
inspirational ,Emotional,motivational teaching any students can easily build their creative personality.
it is literally true to do so and the only condition is that the teacher must and should be an Ideal one than only it can possible. in support of this ideas one of our philosopher describes that "TEACHER ARE BORN AND NOT TO MADE" HE CAN TEACH FROM THE DEPT OF HIS HEART AND NOT FROM BOOKS./A GOOD TEACHER IS A WORTH OF MILLIONS BOOKS.




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This is true in every sense. It is transmitting the energy levels of teacher to students by being a role model. We can't enact to be a teacher. The qualities are inborn and the responsibility to build the creative personality must be realized.

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Dear mam /sir.
Thanking you very much for your feedback to my simple idea posted Nov 4 2015, so please put your notable presentation on teachers wall which will help us to think and act & present the experiment before the students in the class room so please interact with us frequently .
thanking you

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