about Hindi rashtra bhasha

By SSPATIL@59 | Nov 4, 2015

Respected sir

It has been learnt that Hindi has been treated as Rashtra Bhasha so let us know that when did it has been
declared as Rashtra Bhasha as our students are asking frequently.

thanking you
Bidar Karnataka

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The Eighth Schedule to the Indian Constitution contains a list of 22 scheduled languages (which includes English also). And ALL 22 languages therein are official languages. Hindi is an official language, so does Kannada & English for example. And yes, these is no Rashtra Bhasha as such. For the official communication between the Centre & the state, different states chose different languages from that list of 22.
(Retired professor & HOD of Linguistics, University of Delhi) Dr Ramakant Agnihotri's article in The Hindu brings lot more clarity to this debate. Here is the link (http://bit.ly/1Po4MBx)

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