During my interaction with the primary, elementary and secondary classes of my internship school, I found that children (majority of them) deemed themselves as unable to express their thoughts in writing. During the initial days, it came to them as a surprise when they were asked to write without having anything to ‘copy’ from. This is the reality of majority of our state-run and privately-run schools. Writing to them is nothing but ‘copying down’ whatever the teacher has to say.

Government Higher Primary School (GHPS), Makapura, in the Lingasaguru taluk of the Raichur district was established in the year 1960. It continues to serve the educational needs of children from Makapura, Marali and Telekattu villages. The number of families in these villages stands at 120, 100 and 120, respectively. Makapura village, where the school is located, is dominated by Reddy, Lingayath, Kuruba communities. There are about five families belonging to the SC community and 25 families from the ST community.


Teachers play a pivotal role in transforming the nation. iB Hubs Super 30, a novel initiative to honour inspiring teachers across India, has announced the 30 super teachers.

‘Super 30’ movie along with iB Hubs, have come forward with an initiative called ‘iB Hubs Super 30’ to recognize and celebrate many such teachers across India. This initiative received an overwhelming response of 30,000+ nominations ranging from school teachers, professors, deans, IAS trainers, coaches to singers and dance masters across the country.

Murthy wants to ensure that all children have access to good education without any discrimination. He is a self-aware, reflective and intrinsically motivated teacher who sees a deep sense of moral purpose in carrying out his responsibilities. Succinctly put in his words, ‘Children are in difficult circumstances owing to their parental situation, but we have an obligation towards these children.’ Murthy’s story reaffirms the idea that good leadership at the school level is indeed an important component for improvement in education.


Number tricks are fun to perform and are an excellent way to enhance mathematical skills. When I was young, we used to discuss a lot of number tricks. One amongst those was as follows:

Take a number with a lot of digits. For example, suppose you think of 2134567. Add its digits: 2 + 1 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 = 28. Subtract 28 from the original number taken, 2134567. You’ll get some answer, say abcdefg.

How does one introduce a topic like ratio, which is so widely present in daily life and so intimately connected with human experiences? Our cherished cultural achievements are permeated with it: music is full of ratios, as is art. Our daily existence involves cooking and shopping, and these are filled through and through with the usage of ratio. Shadows, which are present with us all through the day, offer a visual depiction of ratios in action.

We live in an era of data and information. Right from deciding what to read, what to wear, which restaurant to go to, which city to visit, whom to vote for, we consider ourselves rational human beings who rely on data to make all our decisions. How much of this data is based on facts rather than opinions and/or perceptions? This review looks at two websites, Gapminder and Our World in Data, which attempt to provide reliable global statistics and promote a fact-based worldview.

The following geometry problem is simple to state but challenging to solve!

In this edition of ‘Adventures’ we study a few miscellaneous problems.

Interesting problem on area and triangle.


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