Learning Area and Perimeter through a Story

Stories are no new to the children. Children had always liked stories and as they grow up they love to enact the same. But as the children grow up we feel that stories are not necessary anymore but in reality, stories and the interest towards stories is never ending.

We all have observed that word based problems in Mathematics scares many children. Can stories help in addressing this problem?

Narrating a word problem in the form of story would help a student to imagine and students tend to go into imagination as they keenly listen or involve themselves into the story.

I had taken the topic “Area and Perimeter” as the base for my story board. The story revolves around a man trying to lay a fence around his farm and creating a pavement for walking track. He meets his friend who helps him in doing so by explaining the need to measure the area and the perimeter. The story includes questions i.e. the friend asking him about the area and perimeter formula and also the appropriate measuring unit and instrument to be used in the process.

The storyboard printouts can be created in the power point and that can be used in the classrooms.

The other way of taking this forward is by making 2 or 3 students enact the story after reading it. This way the actor and the audience students will enjoy the process of learning and also will be able to relate the concept to the real world scenarios. This will ensure that the students remember the concept for very long time.


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We have seen, that a story based approach of teaching ,at an early age develops the learning mindset, which help kids in academics and beyond.

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