ARISS SCHOOL Contact programme

The NASA sponsored special programme called ARISS will be organised at Vidya Mandir Inter College, Meerut by ARISS committe, H.A.L. Scouts Group Amateur Radio Club (VU2LKO), Lucknow in coordination of Vigyan Prasar.

the schedule is as given below:

Date : 23/08/2018
Time : 13:52 Hrs IST - 14:00 Hrs IST

The briefing from NASA will be started approx. one before the schedule of programme. The students will ask the question to orbiting astronaut on board ISS. The questions can be found on

The teachers & students, interested can contact the school principal to watch the programme.

Thursday, August 23, 2018 - 1:45pm
Vidya Mandir Inter College, Shastri Nagar, Meerut (U.P)
Shastri Nagar
Meerut, Uttar Pradesh


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ARISS contact planned for school in India

An International Space Station school contact has been planned for Ricky Arnold KE5DAU with Vidya Mandir Inter College, Meerut, India.

The event is scheduled Thursday 23 August 2018 at approximately 08:22 UTC (10:22 CEST). The conversation will be conducted in English.

The contact will be a telebridge operated by IK1SLD in northern Italy.
The downlink signals will be audible in parts of Europe on 145.800 MHz FM.

School Information:
VidyaMandir Inter School was established in 1988 fulfilling the aspirations of Mrs Shakuntla Kaushik a dedicated woman who upheld the cause of education throughout her life. The school caters to the needs of over 1000 students from classes nursery-12th. It is a co-educational school, recognized by the state government and approved for both the mediums. The school provides ample facilities including a well stocked library & a playground etc. The school organizes a wide range of co-curricular activities in music, dance, drama, art & craft, science exhibition, yoga, seminar, debate such free services like health care are also available for students & staff, the school lays emphasis on holistic education, discipline, character building & life skills are given the highest priority.

The School not only organized but also participated in major events year by year. The recent activity which has caught momentum is ARISS which is active all the world over and now has come as a great opportunity for VIDYA MANDIR School to be the first is our area. The college has been involved in many science activities.

Workshops by eminent counselors / experts / guest faculty from various fields benefitted the students in personality development and career counseling / advice.

Students First Names & Questions:
1. Arun (17): How many languages do you need to know to become an astronaut?
2. Suhab (17): Which country has the same time as the space station?
3. Vesnavi (17): Do you get the time to sleep in space?
4. Bhawna (17): In space do you feel hot or cold?
5. Mukul (17): Have you ever seen an alien or a UFO?

6. Rejvan (15): What is your favourite planet?
7. Shan mohd. (15): Have you ever seen a black hole?
8. Harshet (15): Do you believe that extra-terrestrials exist?
9. Shalu (14): How do you manage food in space?
10. Nikhil (14): Does your body react differently in space?

11. Yashika (14): What do you do on a typical day?
12. Mentasha (15): How do you arrange oxygen to breathe in space station
13. Sanyam (15): What types of experiments are you currently running and how does zero gravity affect them?
14. Sonia (15): if somebody of your crew has birthday, is there any birthday party on the ISS?
15. Tania (15): What do you do for fun?

16. Anam (15): How difficult is it to readjust to life on earth after a long stay in space?
17. Prana (14): How does the human body change in outer space?
18. Depanshu (14): Which planets look best from space. Why?
19. Krite (14): What is your relationship like with your fellow astronauts?
20. Arpeta (14): What is your favourite country to look at from space?

About ARISS:

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) is a cooperative venture of international amateur radio societies and the space agencies that support the International Space Station: NASA, Russian Space Agency, ESA, JAXA, and CSA. The US Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) provide ARISS special support.

ARISS offers an opportunity for students to experience the excitement of Amateur Radio by talking directly with crewmembers on board the International Space Station. Teachers, parents and communities see, first hand, how Amateur Radio and crewmembers on ISS can energize youngsters' interest in science, technology, and learning.

The primary goal of ARISS is to promote exploration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) topics by organizing scheduled contacts via amateur radio between crew members aboard the ISS and students in classrooms or informal education venues. With the help of experienced amateur radio volunteers, ISS crews speak directly with large audiences in a variety of public forums. Before and during these radio contacts, students, teachers, parents, and communities learn about space, space technologies, and amateur radio. For more information, see, and

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