Film Based Teaching Methodology

By shantanu.b | Nov 3, 2016

Film Based Teaching Methodology (FBTM®) to translate existing school curriculum into video based teaching-learning content to improve the learning outcomes of their students.

‘NEEV’ is a Basic Equalizer Course for Mathematics in Hindi for primary level (up to class Vth) students and is designed on FBTM® principles with the objective of strengthening the foundation of Mathematics amongst the Indian students at the early stage. The concepts/topics are covered in modules and each module includes:
1. Student Video Content : A 15-20 minutes multi-modular video content on the given concept/topic, to be played by the teacher in the classroom.
2. Teacher Video Content: A 4-7 minutes video content for teachers to assist and guide them on the concept/topic covered in the module.
3. Practice Sheets: PDF in Hindi and English, which can be used in the classroom along with other TLM available.

‘NEEV’ program is not a do-it-yourself learning methodology because a teacher’s role is critical in early years of learning. This program is designed to empower teachers in imparting quality instructions to young learners. Following are some helpful directions for teachers how to get the best out of ‘NEEV” program:
• Teachers are encouraged to watch the Student video, Teacher’s video and Practice Sheets before showing the student videos to their students.
• The content is neither restrictive not prescriptive to the teachers. Teachers may pause the video at any desirable place in the student video to clarify/explain the concepts in any way they feel appropriate for the student.
• Play the student video as many times as is required for the students depending upon their learning abilities.
• Teachers may use any other Teaching Learning Material (TLM) along with these videos.
• Teachers can download and take a printout of the practice sheets available on our website and use it as classwork or homework to test the effectiveness of the learning outcomes of the students.

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definitely it would be helpful in teaching learning process, but where we can get this resources?

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To watch the free videos we have created a Youtube channel :

To download free practice sheets for children , visit our website :

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