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Fun with Dot Sheets - 1Worksheet | By At Right Angles |  Aug 07, 2018 Mathematics | 0 Likes

Beginning with this issue, we start the TearOut series. In this article, we focus on investigations with dot sheets.

A Note on Armstrong NumbersArticle | By At Right Angles |  Dec 03, 2018 Mathematics | 0 Likes

In this article, student Satvik Kaushik investigates Armstrong numbers.

Arc - centre TheoremArticle | By At Right Angles |  Dec 03, 2018 Mathematics | 0 Likes

In this short note, we discuss a theorem (arc-centre theorem) which states that an arc can have only one centre of curvature.

Shapes with Sutli: The String GameArticle | By At Right Angles |  Nov 22, 2018 Mathematics | 1 Like

This article describes an activity where students created different geometrical shapes using a closed-loop string and developed conceptual understanding by engaging wi

Structure of the AtomLesson Plan | By Socratease ( |  Nov 21, 2018 Science & Technology | 0 Likes

This interactive Lesson Plan will help you understand the structure of atom.

Biodiversity and LifePresentation | By Azim Premji University |  Nov 20, 2018 Environmental Science, Science & Technology | 0 Likes

Topics like Biodiversity and ecosystem are a part of syllabus that has been prepared for environmental science by NCERT for 9th and 10th std students.

Understanding Computer ProgrammingLesson Plan | By CSpathshala |  Nov 15, 2018 Science & Technology | 0 Likes

Through these two Lesson Plans children will understand meaning of instruction in real life, which will help them to get a sense of Computer Programming.


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