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Printable multiplication tables for your classroomActivity | By Jennifer Co |  Jun 13, 2016 Mathematics | 0 Likes

This page provides printable multiplication charts in a variety of high resolution formats.

Word Search Puzzle MakerActivity | By Jennifer Co |  May 26, 2020 Arts, Environmental Science, Sports and Physical Education, Language, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Social Studies | 0 Likes

Link: https://wordsearchwizard.

KidsRead2Kids - A Digital Reading Platform For AllArticle | By Jacob Blumenstein |  May 26, 2020 Language | 0 Likes
Making your own Arrow Cards Article | By Swati Sircar |  Feb 13, 2020 Mathematics | 0 Likes

Arrow cards originated as static cards in Montessori and were adopted in mainstream with the addition of arrow - an extension that can be used to hold the cards up (to

Evolving Perception of Teaching and Learning MaterialsArticle | By Learning Curve |  Jul 24, 2019 Views and Reflections | 0 Likes

Materials can be important for helping children learn.

How to make a Stylus PenActivity | By Mujahidul Islam |  May 06, 2020 Science & Technology | 1 Like

Touch Screen computing devices like mobile phones, tablets etc are so common these days. Generally we use stylus pen to write on them.

Children Demonstrating Life in the Stone Age - A DocumentaryVideo | By Shivam Singh |  Apr 24, 2020 Social Studies | 0 Likes

In India, even today efforts are being made to make education child centered. What should be the motto of teaching ?


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