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Make a Toy Fan MachineVideo | By Mujahidul Islam |  Jan 19, 2020 Science & Technology | 0 Likes

Children love to play with rotating toys. How about making one, with the children with everyday materials?

Aiming for Work-centered Education Introduction to Basic Technology (IBT)Article | By Learning Curve |  Mar 31, 2015 Views and Reflections | 0 Likes

Dhanaji Nana Vidyalaya, Khiroda. District - Jalgoan, Maharashtra

August 2014

Representing NumbersWorksheet | By Aaisha Lakdawala |  Nov 26, 2019 Mathematics | 1 Like

This worksheet makes the kids play with numbers and appreciate how these numbers (1-9) can be represented in different ways.

Make Paper Cup Plastic cover Parachute ToyVideo | By Worth Sharing |  Nov 04, 2019 Science & Technology | 0 Likes

Making a proper parachute toy requires a little bit more efforts in terms of measurement and precision.

How Egyptians knew Earth is not flatArticle | By Worth Sharing |  Aug 16, 2016 Science & Technology, Social Studies | 0 Likes

Here is an Aha! moment in the history of science when Eratosthenes proved Earth is not flat.

Make A Jumping Cardboard FrogVideo | By Worth Sharing |  Sep 30, 2019 Science & Technology | 0 Likes

This frog made with a piece of cardboard, rubber band and cello tape will jump suddenly and amaze the observer.

Toys from waste CDsVideo | By Mujahidul Islam |  Sep 23, 2019 Science & Technology | 0 Likes

What do you do with the old CDs at home, which aren't being used? How about involving your students to make some lovely toys out of it?


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