Why I teach—have you seen a potter…

Have you seen a potter creating artifacts out of clay, or an artisan chisel out a sculpture? The most rewarding of all occupation, the most satisfying of all jobs, the noblest of noble professions teaching, that leaves no emptiness in one’s life and society.

 To see things clearly we need light, but to spread its wings light needs a source. Teacher is that source from which the light of knowledge spreads out and makes us clearer, our thoughts more analyzing which in turn balances our lives towards truth.
I am a teacher because I always wanted to be one. I always wanted to give the world back what my teachers taught me -the words of ‘wisdom’, the words of ‘knowledge’, the words of ‘humanity’. I am glad that at least I have initiated those things at some level. When my students, ex-students stand up for a cause or for a truth, I thank God that I am a teacher and nothing else. This profession is like a spotless mirror where you can see what you have sown. In your students you can find out the amount of quality you have implanted. That way this becomes the most rewarding profession to see my students fight for others or teach others.

Teaching is a two way process, not only do we teach but we learn a lot too. At the end of the day it is really satisfying to see that our students are achieving height and above all it adds a feather to our cap when our students come back to us as our colleagues.

Young minds and hearts have to be impregnated with good moral values, human qualities and that can be done only by his or her teacher. Our duty is not only to make them learn how to calculate or to know our history and heritage. Our actual duty is to make them understand it by heart and do it in reality. Only we can prepare our future citizens to be worthy to say that we belong to the human race and only the human race.

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