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Improving your language and building your vocabulary through attendance and self evaluation...

The Government Primary School Jasvawala is located in a rural area of Roorkee Block, Haridwar District, Uttarakhand.Pankaj Kumar, the Principal, saw that there were very few opportunities for children to enhance their vocabulary in Hindi and English. Also, he wanted to utilize the time for taking attendance every morning in a productive way.

In order to provide children an opportunity to learn new words in Hindi and English, Pankaj developed a unique way of taking the help of attendance register. Instead of just saying the name of the children, each child is also told a word in English (the words can be from various categories like fruits, different emotions, animals etc) and the children respond by stating the Hindi equivalent term or the meaning of that word, as a mark of their presence.

 This provides a quick way to build vocabulary and enables the teacher to see how each child is doing in terms of their language learning. The challenge here is for the teacher to carefully select grade appropriate level vocabulary words (for both Hindi/English). Pankaj says the children now have a richer vocabulary in both Hindi and English which they understand and use regularly.


In another school...

Satya Bharti School is a primary school run by Bharti Foundation in a rural area, Panangudi in Tamil nadu. Mr. K. Dhanabal, the Prinicpal, noticed that both students and teachers at his school were very hesitant to speak in English.

To encourage the use of English, Mr.Dhanabal introduced a tracker in his school. He has pasted a chart in all the classes with the names of class teacher and all the students. At the end of the day, both the teachers and the students have to rate themselves for their day’s effort of speaking in English.

They can either rate themselves as ‘Good’, ‘tried’ or ‘not tried’. The innovation provides an interesting way of helping the teachers and students to keep a track of the effort that they are making to speak in English, and also a reminder to make a daily effort to use the language.

It may be difficult for a teacher to rate his effort with the students rating their efforts on the same page - but it can be a powerful signal to the students about constantly learning and developing if they do. Mr. Dhanabal states that after about 30 days of implementation of the idea he has found that his teachers and students are more confident about speaking in English. They are making an effort without being hesitant about making mistakes.


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seperate session for Reading newspaper ,other articles and books can be made in schools for the benifit of the students.While handling any class the teachers should compulsarily give meaning for the vocabularies wherever necessary.the students must be allowed to read the passages in the books aloud   ,so that it will be useful for the other students and himself to improve a lot.

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