A tribute to an Indian Educationist - Vinod Raina

Today, we are privileged to pay tribute to a man who played an instrumental role in making education what it is in India. 

Vinod Raina was one of the "key architects" in the drafting and the advocacy of the Right to Education Act, 2009. With like minded colleagues, he initiated the People’s Science Movement in India that attempts to combine knowledge and science to craft alternate development models that improve the quality of life of the disadvantaged sections of society, within the regenerative capacity of the Earth.

  To better understand the enormous impact Vinod Raina has had on education in India, please read/watch the following:

  1. In The Hindu - September 13, 2013. 
  2. More about Vinod Raina
  3. India: Tributes to Vinod Raina

    Click on the images below to watch the videos

  4. Vinod Raina at the World Social Forum.
  5. A brief interview with Vinod Raina during the second social forum in Quebec. 
  6. Hindi: An interview
  7. Hindi: Vinod Raina at the international conference 'An Ethical Framework for a Sustainable World' in Ahmedabad, 2010. 

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