A Teacher's Journey Towards Excellence

Satya started his professional life as a teacher at an age of 22 immediately after he completed his graduation. Today almost after more than 19 years when he looks back, a realization of how things unfolded gradually comes before his eyes helping him connect the dots. A careful analysis of how he has evolved as a teacher during this ardent journey is outlined below.


  • Satya understood what it means to be a teacher. There has been a paradigm shift when it comes to his perception about teaching-learning process. Earlier it was ‘better teaching always implies better learning’.  Later it became ‘Only if learning has happened, it implies teaching was effective’. This shift remained till date helping him evolve both as a better teacher as well as a better learner.
  • When it comes to learning, the list becomes endless. He learnt the nuances of communication both written and spoken, use of technology, designing creative worksheets, ways to address the needs of differentiated learners and many more.
  • Working continuously for twelve years in an environment which is scientific, objective and research driven made Satya gradually become a Systems Thinker. He became instrumental in setting up academic systems with respect to Time Table, Examinations and many more which have made transitions smooth, fair and systematic.
  • The above trait of systems thinking eventually helped him in making right decisions both in his personal as well as professional life. Right decisions in what sense? Decisions which are not driven by vested interest but solely based on aptitude, ability and interest ultimately helping an individual actualize his/her potential.
  • Equipped with a qualification in Counselling Psychology and a strong inclination towards Guidance and Counselling helped Satya gain better edge as teacher inspiring innumerable lives in the domain of education both directly and indirectly.
  • Most importantly across the years, Satya became a good listener which obviously is the most important quality a counsellor should possess. With his pleasant disposition, he has endeared himself not only to his students but also to all his colleagues and enjoyed good reputation.
  • Within a few years, he not only became a mentor to his students but also to teachers guiding them in areas which help establish themselves as teachers. Today a lot of teachers across the country acknowledge him for his invaluable guidance.
  • A strong desire to guide, inspire and contribute his bit particularly to the domain of education and society at large led Satya pursue his passion of writing. Today he has almost forty articles to his credit as a writer published in various educational magazines and portals across the country.

This journey wouldn’t have become a memorable one if Satya hadn’t met Dr. Anita Verma.  She was the Principal under whose leadership he served as a teacher for more than eleven years. On this occasion of Teachers’ Day, Satya wishes to express his sincere gratitude by dedicating this success story to his Mentor Dr. Anita Verma.

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