Prof Yash Pal speaks on Science Education

Prof Yashpal's brilliant contributions to the study of cosmic rays notwithstanding, he is more popular to the general public as an avuncular explainer in Doordarshan's immensely popular program "Turning Point". His association with the pathbreaking Hoshangabad Science Teaching Programme in 1970s forayed him into his lifelong passion, school education.


Under his chairmanship came the seminal document "Learning without Burden". 

Here is a 5 part interview done by Rima Chhib with Prof. Yash Pal, uploaded in 2008.

At 82, Prof Yash Pal remains fresh and exuberates wit,charisma and substance as he gave me an overview and insight into science & education in India ...what it is and what it should be ? How science teaching and curricullum should emerge from children and how new learnings takes place at the border of many disciplines.I had the opportunity of working with him during the "Turning Point days" which was a televison series on popular science in India and am absolutely thrilled with this reflective chat especially the " Who am I , Prof Yash Pal "
Part 1
Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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