Productive work and pedagogy - Useful resources

Here is a compilation of some useful websites/online links to resources in the area of productive work and pedagogy.

1. Development Research Communication and Services Centre (DRCSC)

Creative lesson plan series on Tree, Insect, Medicinal Plant, Water, Rice, Bird, Fish,

Vegetable, Waste, Energy and Local Market – a series for the teacher and educators based on the work actually done by children in rural West Bengal


2. Earthian

A learning resource on sustainability and water


3. Centre for Environment Education (CEE)

A manual compiling environment education games (Green games) that can be used in schools to acquire knowledge, values, and skills


4. Uttarakhand Seva Nidhi

Environment education course text books for hilly areas (class VI-X)


5. Gujarat Vidyapeeth, SADRA and Ardhendu Chatterjee

A lesson plan based on Biodiversity developed with the help of Mr. Ardhendu Chatterjee during a national workshop in Gujarat in 2013


6.Srishti School and Biome Trust

A toolkit for introducing children to water and sanitation issues in and around their school aiming for behavior change



7. Anand Niketan


Methi ki Kheti- a lesson plan for academic linkages with growing Methi in school gardens


8. NCERT Project books on Environmental Education


9. Centre for Science and Environment ( CSE) ‘s green school programme

A DIY manual for schools on how to audit waste, water energy, air, and land within school premises


10. Taleem Net (Nyla Coelho) Organisation

A resource book on organic farm-based curriculum for schools


11. National Gardening Association - Gardening with kids

Gardening with Kids provides tools and resources that help teachers and community leaders use gardening as a method to enhance education and foster environmentally responsible adults. Lessons, funding and a wealth of other information is provided at

Some of the curriculum material may have only paid access.

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