National Adolescence Education Programme

Adolescence is a period of rapid development. Young people acquire new capacities and are faced with new challenges at this stage. It is also called as a stage of ‘stress and storm’. This stage if not handled cautiously will bear direct consequences for one and all.

“Each child is potentially the light of the world and at the same time its darkness.”

It is for the teachers to bring about changes in individuals and the society in their own innovative and impressive way. With this in mind, KVS took the decision to train its teachers for the challenging job of moulding tender minds towards peace, progress and prosperity by empowering them with life skills.

I have undertaken the challenge to empower the adolescents in my school to be able to deal with day-to-day ups and downs and experience happiness, which is the essence of life.

Before we began this programme, an advocacy workshop was conducted for the parents. Most parents responded positively to the programme, but there were some who objected to it. The panel of teachers and the principal quelled their apprehensions and doubts.

As a master trainer, I came to realize that it was easy to deal with issues related to the young when the trainer became friendly and a confidante. It was amazing to note how the students opened up and discussed problems they would otherwise have tried to avoid. They wanted to overcome the habits of smoking, tobacco eating or any other habit that no one in the family or school was aware of. As I progressed in my efforts taking the help of experts, I found that some of the students had become very close to me and they looked at me with great reverence. I was moved by the faith these children showed and I prayed to God to give me strength to be able to help each one sort out his problem and to make a difference in their lives. If I am able to bring a desirable change in the life of a few I shall be successful in my endeavour.

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