My Perspective

My USP to generate interest in art stems from a simple understanding that art is within you as good as it is around you. I have adopted the method of making the student understand, respect and experience the values and ethics of the process of art and culminating this whole process into a product. The best method to start art with any young budding minds is sand art or a collage using wastes around you. I have personally seen a tremendous positive impact on the young minds in being interested in art through this activity. They get very enthused to innovate and create expressions using the stuff
they see around. This helps them improve their creativity and also to realize that art needs no specific tool to express. Another important aspect is to provide freedom. Art is not defined without freedom of expression. I encourage giving direction to an artist’s mind rather than limiting and drawing horizons to his flow of thoughts. I encourage learning and teaching all different media and styles to encourage every student to learn, understand, practice and develop their own individual style and identity without any bias induced by me. The practice is done both on an individual and group wise to induce collaborative spirit and exchange of ideas.
I am glad and very proud to share that Kim Jin Moo (my student) from South Korea has taken up art as a profession.
Art teaches you to observe, meditate, ponder, search, create and express your thoughts on an issue which sharpens any young mind to be an individual who will be prepared to meet the technical, analytical and mental challenges in their personal and professional lives. These attributes are essential in any sphere of life or profession which makes the learning easier and interesting for folks learnt in art. Art also teaches you to see things in a different way and to give new dimension to your thinking. This helps in understanding and dealing with the problems in a creative way and this attribute is essential in everybody’s life. I see and urge art to be included as a serious subject in the curriculum to help students be better individuals for tomorrow.

N.R. Pradeep
Professional artist and
Visual Art teacher
at Oaktree International
School, Kolkata


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