Interactive Presentations That Will Make Online Learning a Fun Experience

Online learning importance has increased immensely over the past months. With world leaders putting countries on lockdown to protect everyone from getting infected with the deadly coronavirus, teachers and students were left with no choice but to take on distance education. The setup has presented challenges for teachers and students alike. Teachers were faced with the challenge of creating eLearning presentations that are fun and interactive while students struggled with keeping distractions at bay.

Educators need to do everything to make their presentations effective and engaging. Oftentimes, students lose their interest when presentations fail to hold their intention. This will eventually affect how they understand and retain information. Create presentations specific to distance education that will get them to participate with these simple tips:


Easy Peasy Navigation

The most simple yet most effective way to make your presentation interactive is by putting a menu at the beginning. This gives your students the opportunity to navigate and browse through modules without exerting that much effort. This also boosts online learning importance because it helps prevent cognitive overload by allowing students to digest tiny bits of information.


Tell Stories

Take your students on a wonderful learning adventure by telling stories inspired by the topic being discussed. This will make it easier to digest and process information without being too overwhelmed. Another good thing about incorporating stories is that everyone gets to participate. The teacher can briefly discuss the concepts and the students can cite example. This also gives the teacher an opportunity to assess how the students are taking the lesson.


Integrate Videos through Hyperlinks

Be creative in adding videos to your presentation by using hyperlinks. It gives students that sense of awe and wonder when videos pop out from links embedded in the presentation. This also allows students to dig deeper into the topic by watching videos without having to leave the online classs. Remember: the shorter the steps, the longer you keep their attention.


Engage the Five Senses

If you want to hold your students' attention, you need to engage all five senses. Aside from letting their eyes do all the work, you can incorporate characters and audio that they can listen to. You'll be surprised at how these small additions can do wonders for your students. You can also create activities that would require them to talk, touch, or taste something so they get to experience what's being discussed firsthand instead of stressing themselves while trying to understand complicated concepts.


Play a Game

Speaking of breaking down concepts into bite-sized pieces, you can also incorporate games into the presentation. By breaking the usual lecture format and adding games or contests, you challenge them to think critically. You can get them to play educational games like Jeopardy and Pictionary to help them understand the subject better.


Create Opportunities for Online Group Discussions

Students bore themselves out when they're required to listen to one person for hours. Get them to be proactive by opening spaces for online group discussions so they can also learn from their peers. Who knows? They might just have light bulb moments when they listen to their classmate's take on the lesson.

It would help if teachers keep their students in mind while creating presentations. That way, they would know what fonts, colors, themes, images, and audio would be perfect for their students' eLearning experience. They can also access if the presentations are engaging or interactive enough. With distance learning being part of the new normal, high-quality online presentations are of premium importance.

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