iB Hubs Super 30 Teachers - Nominate Now

Hrithik Roshan starrer Super 30 joins hands with iB Hubs Talent Accelerator to introduce ‘iB Hubs Super 30’ to honor and salute inspiring teachers who made a difference in our lives.

It is rightly said that teachers are the builders of society. They mould the future of our nation by nourishing the individual’s talent and increasing their capabilities. Not just academically but also socially, emotionally, and morally. And that's why iB Hubs Talent Accelerator understands that it is important to honor those teachers who not only empower students to become better learners but also better people who will build a better world in the future.

iB Hubs Talent Accelerator reckons that if an individual is given a strong supporting ecosystem, he or she can work wonders. Along with the talent, determination and hard work, it is also about the guidance and mentorship that help individuals to achieve great success. And this is the main idea of iB Hubs Talent Accelerator which nurtures young talent into world-class performers by empowering them with industry-relevant skills and presenting them with incredible employment opportunities.

Super 30 shows the inspirational story of India’s genius mathematician Anand Kumar and how he made a difference in the lives of many underprivileged students.

With the campaign iB Hubs Super 30, iB Hubs Talent Accelerator and Super 30 are setting out to recognize teachers like Anand Kumar who have changed the course of our lives and impacted generations.

It's time to express our gratitude towards them. Nominate all the teachers who have inspired you to dream, to fight, and to never give up and who brought the best out of you.

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