Global Teacher Prize 2015 Four Indians in Top 50

The Global Teacher Prize - dubbed the 'Nobel Prize' of teaching -  underlines the importance of the teaching profession and symbolises the fact that teachers throughout the world deserve to be recognised and celebrated. It is heartening to know that 4 teachers from India have been finalists in top 50.  

Teachers of India salutes these pathbreakers who continue do things their way and do it inspirationally so well.

Santhi Karamcheti

Santhi Karamcheti while pursuing her Masters in genetics, got interested in special education and started teaching a 16 year old boy with learning disabilities and helped him pass the Class 10 exam. There was no return from that as she further set up a special needs school EDventure Academy and started training kids with special needs to integrate them into normal schools.


Dhaval Bathia

Dhaval Bathia, a child prodigy in math who graduated as a lawyer but chose to be a teacher, is on a mission to eradicate math phobia globally. He has authored 5 books, 19 CDs to help teachers as well as students learn math easily. Dhaval runs a training school – Genesis Education – that was started by his mother and offers free mathematics classes to teachers and students.


Robin Chaurasiya

Robin Chaurasiya was kicked out of the US Air Force under the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy, then started teaching young girls in the red-light areas in Mumbai. She has done wonders in empowering these marginalized girls by applying various contemporary methods of learning at her Kranti School.   


Rashmi Kathuria

Rashmi Kathuria started by teaching mathematics in unconventional ways – more practical and relevant manner. Hugely successful, she set up a math lab for students where they can play with Math. Through her blog she provides free resources and ideas for the wider public. She used math to teach entrepreneurial skills and this led to setting up a school business “Udaan-Creating Identity” which has now won the Top Global Prize in the School Enterprise Challenge. 

Let their tribe increase.

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