Gijubhai's Short Poems

Gijubhai's Divaswapna has been translated into many Indian languages and had been an inspiring tale for teachers & parents. A random stumbling on Arvind Gupta's site popped up a bunch of translated prose poems penned by Gijubhai. We are sharing these sweet meditations on the child, childhood & teaching.
1. The Child
The child is the soul of the parents,
The child is the ornament of the home.
The child is the glory of the garden.
The child is the light of the family.
The child is the smiling bud in our life.
2. The gift of a Child
Who makes you forget your sorrow?
Who removes your tiredness?
Who saves you from your barrenness?
Who fills your house with giggles?
Who makes your laughter last forever?
It is the Child.
To find god worship the Child.
3. Peace
Of all gods' creation the child is unique and innocent
Let us realise the pace of a child's progress.
Those who enable a child to be free set the whole of
humanity to peace.
4. Tell me
Where shall I play?
Where shall I jump?
To whom shall I talk?
When I talk my mummy feels interrupted,
When I play my daddy is irritated,
When I jump I am told to sit down,
When I sing I am told to be quiet,
Tell me, where shall I go, what shall I do?
5. Let the Child Act
The child likes to do things.
Let him wash his own hanky,
Let her fill her own cup,
Let him arrange the flowers,
Let her clean the plate,
Let him pod the peas,
Let her serve the food,
Let the child act,
And act at her own pace,
And act at his own wish.
6. The Child Knows
Whether there is nectar or poison in our eyes,
Whether our speech is sweet or bitter,
Whether our touch is soft or harsh,
Whether our mind is respectful or disdaining,
The Child senses it immediately,
The Child knows it all.
7. The Enemy
'Go to bed otherwise an old man will take you away.'
'Eat otherwise thieves will catch you.'
'The tiger is coming.'
'The ghost is coming.'
'The police are coming.'
'Be quiet, or else, I'll lock you in the room.'
'Read your book, or I'll hit you hard.'
Those who frighten the child like this are the enemies of the child.
8. Will we understand?
The laughter of the child is life's laughter.
The cry of the child is life's tears.
A child's smile makes the flowers bloom.
A child's cry makes the flowers droop.
Instead of letting the sweet shehnai of a
child's laughter into our homes
Why do we let the War's trumpet
of a child's crying be blown?
9. Heaven on Earth
If we give a child his due respect
We can establish heaven on this earth.
Heaven lies in the happiness of a child.
Heaven lies in the health of a child.
Heaven lies in the well being of a child.
Heaven lies in the innocent and carefree nature of the child.
Heaven lies in the humming and singing of a child.
10. The Great Soul
The child's body is small but it contains a great soul.
The child's body is growing,
The child's energies are growing,
But the child's soul is complete.
We should respect this great soul.
And we should not corrupt the child with our ways.
11. Realisation
A child is a complete person.
A child has intellect, emotions, mind and understanding.
A child has strengths and weakness.
A child has likes and dislikes.
Let us recognise the wishes of the child.
Let us understand the emotions of the child.
A child is small and innocent.
Because of our ego we must not reject the child.
Because of our pride we must not insult the child.
12. Self Reliant
The child will eat, don't feed her.
The child will bathe, don't force her.
The child will walk, don't push her.
The child will sing, don't make him sing.
The child will play, don't interfere.
The child wants to be self-reliant.
13. Will you not do even this much?
Instead of going to your club, take the child to a park.
Instead of gossiping, show the child some animals.
Instead of being immersed in your newspaper, listen to the child.
When the child goes to bed, delight her with stories.
Take interest in the child.
14. At the Mercy of Servants
That is a beautiful home where parents live in love.
That is a beautiful home where rose-like children play around.
That is a beautiful home where parents care for the
children as they care for their own soul.
That is a beautiful home where children receive respect from adults.
And where children do not live at the mercy of servants.

Yes, yes that is a beautiful home.


These are translated in English by Satish Kumar. Images are from and Gijubhai's thumbnail image is from Wikimedia Foundation.


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