A fond letter to my friend, Pencil

This writer dedicates this letter to the instrument that allowed him freedom to express himself and spurred learning along the way.

Dear Pencil, This is the first time I'm writing to you in all these years. This might well be the only time I write to you, but this should convey the love and the admiration that I have for you in its entirety. Let me explain why I admire you so much:

You were one of the very few, well can I say, people, who gave me the freedom to express myself. During my childhood, I had no clue of what I was up to most of the times. I used to take you all over the sheet of paper randomly without much expectation. Suddenly, you would bring out some strange design that would keep me interested enough to pursue the activity just a bit longer. The design would then take me to a whole new world, a whole new school of thought that would suddenly change the way I looked at things. I would get a new perspective, and an encouragement to experiment. I would play around with the alphabets, numbers and even nature. I would tame each of my creations the way I wanted. The pen, even though a bit more professional, frustrates me when I make mistakes. It doesn't allow me to get over my errors.

The mark it leaves behind sometimes reminds me that I can never recover from a failure. But you, you give me the liberty to make mistakes, to learn from them, to erase the unnecessary renditions, and to start afresh. That is the best thing I admire about you - you take me to my childhood. Because, during my childhood, I was never scared to make mistakes or try out new things. You taught me that being sharp helps to achieve precision. You taught me that being blunt at times also had its own use. Ignorance is bliss, is it not? You taught me to enjoy little successes in life. You taught me to get over failure.

And even now, I'm learning a lot from you. I have grown (a bit) old my friend, and now I realise how valuable you have been. I'm now more circumspect that ever. I hate to make mistakes, and I think twice to try out different things. In this frail period, you give me solace. You keep me going. Hence the letter. Better late than never! Take care, my dear friend. I pray that you continue to take young minds through a journey that they will cherish, even if they do not ask for it. Yours, Someone who fondly recollects his childhood.

PS: I almost forgot to thank your better half, the eraser! It commands equal credit.. I'm sure you agree!

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