Mittu is smitten by a photograph of what looks like an ‘X’ in his grandpa’s scrapbook. In response to his questions, Grandpa narrates a story — that of the discovery of the ‘molecule of life’. Does Mittu succeed in his quest to understand the mystery of ‘X’? Let’s find out.


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Dear Dr. Rohini Chintha , I have gone through your article on the discovery of DNA structure. You have beautifully portrayed the histrory of DNA structure. All the discoveries that lead to the elucidation of the DNA structure has been nicely presented in your article chronologically. In the paragraph you wrote about Phoebus Levene, I think I would be better if you could mention about the discovery of Ribose sugar and deoxyribose sugar by him in the year 1909 and 1929 respectively. Above all the article has been written in a nice way that will surely help students to get an idea about the structure of DNA, the secret of life.

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